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Save time and money with custom renderings, conceptual floor plans, and local drafter recommendations.

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Bespoke home designs for accessible home renovations.

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Rebuild Renovation Process


Drafter recommendations when applicable. Technical designs not included in Rebuild packages.


Redesigned Home Design

Rebuild Designer


Custom conceptual renderings, floor plans and material recommendations matching your style..

Local Drafter


Technical onsite measurements and designs. *Source: Homeadvisor.com national average drafter cost.


Local Architect


Expensive concepts and technical designs. *Source: Homeadvisor.com national average architect cost.

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3D Rendering
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Traditional Design

APPROX. $5000

Lengthly and expensive process with local architect.



APPROX. $2200

Inexpensive and streamlined process with world-class talent.


Project Packages


Starting at $299

  • Conceptual Floor Plan
  • 1 Conceptual 3D Design
  • Material Recommendations
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Select Restore


Starting at $399

  • Conceptual Floor Plan
  • 2 Conceptual 3D Designs
  • Material Recommendations
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Select Rehab


Starting at $499

  • Conceptual Floor Plan
  • 3 Conceptual 3D Designs
  • Material Recommendations
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Select Renovate

Get More with Rebuild

Create the home you love and show its potential to buyers.

Renovating your home?

Validate your project prior to construction with conceptual designs, floor plans, and material recommendations. Once you’ve settled on a design, Rebuild will connect you with a local drafter.

Design your renovation plans without breaking the bank.

Selling your home?

Adding a visualization of a pool, accessory dwelling unit or room conversion can paint a picture of what your home could be.

Increase the appeal of your home by showing its potential.

Selling a client’s home?

Communicate the potential of a client's fixer-upper or blank-slate property with remodel renderings.

Adding home visualizations to a sales info package improves your odds of making a home sale. Contact us for agent rates.


Jane S.Austin, TX

“We use conceptual designs from Rebuild to highlight properties’ potential to buyers.”

Lucy H.Seattle, WA

“This was the perfect choice to visualize expansion of an ADU in our yard and contribute towards a custom design.“

Bridget M.Sonoma, CA

“I'm thrilled with the results. After sharing examples of my style and desired finishings, I received designs of my indoor pool.”


What is Rebuild?

Rebuild is a new way to approach home renovations with conceptual designs, floor plan illustrations, and material recommendations. Our design-first approach saves time, money and trouble.

Who is Rebuild for?

Rebuild is for homeowners and real estate professionals who are looking to elevate a property. Whether to validate design decisions prior to costly renovations or to increase valuation for a sale, Rebuild can help.

What makes Rebuild different?

Rebuild is the first consumer-focused provider of affordable custom home design packages.

How does Rebuild work?

We collect project details and inspirational input during checkout, then match you with a qualified home designer. Your designer will work directly with you to understand your goals and will deliver polished custom renderings, floor plans and material requirements for your project.

How does the Rebuild Guarantee work?

If you're not thrilled with the results of your initial design package, let us know. Rebuild will provide a full refund of your package price.

How do material recommendations work?

Your designer will work to itemize the materials needed to execute on your finished designs. These recommendations can be used for project planning and to streamline decision making with contractors.

Do I need to select a local drafter recommended by Rebuild?

No, we provide a list of vetted drafters with review transparency from multiple marketplaces to provide a seamless transition from creative to technical design. This service is provided for the convenience of homeowners, but the choice is entirely yours to make.

Are drafters required for all projects?

No, typically drafters are only required if you want to verify your measurements or finalize electrical, plumbing and structural specifications in preparation for permitting or construction.

How does Rebuild save me money?

We save you money by facilitating the creative design process separately from the technical design requirements. Through a common 3D modeling software, you'll be able to share our creative design source files with your drafter who can make small adjustments to match onsite technical requirements. This ultimately lowers billable drafter hours and undercuts architect rates by as much as 60-80%.

How will Rebuild match my style?

Your Rebuild designer will first review the aspirational photos and examples you submit in your project brief during checkout, to get started on their designs. Your designer will communicate with you throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure their work matches your goals.

How are Rebuild designers vetted?

Our home designers and visualizers are professionals whose education, experience, professional certifications, and portfolios are all reviewed by Rebuild leadership. Candidates are thoroughly tested to ensure their work meets our standard of excellence. Only the best home designers make it through our selection process.

How do I communicate with my designer?

After selecting a package and submitting your project details, we will work to assign the best home designer based on your style. Once matched, you will receive an email invite to join a private chat feed with your designer.

Can renderings be merged into existing images of my property?

Yes, we strive to recreate original backgrounds on all deliverables. In addition, we can utilize backgrounds of existing photos to overlay projects.

How long does it take for a Rebuild package to be completed?

It typically takes 1-3 weeks to complete a design package, depending on the scope of the project.

Can I submit Rebuild designs for a building permit?

Permitting requirements vary state by state. In some cases, Rebuild’s conceptual output will be sufficient for permit approval. However, we recommend consulting a drafter to review your site and provide any additional local technical design requirements.

How will Rebuild take measurements of my home?

Rebuild provides homeowners with easy to follow directions for capturing the measurements of their current space. Once captured, our home designers will utilize these measurements to develop creative conceptual designs. Upon completion, Rebuild will share the design source file so that your local drafter can finalize the technical measurements during an in-person visit to your home.